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Ciracom Cloud’s Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Ciracom Cloud’s mission is about building better, cloud-made-simple solutions for the businesses with which we partner. However, that mission could not be actualized without commitments to diversity, equity, and inclusion in our ever-evolving workplace.

Ciracom Cloud believes in the transformative power of pooling distinct perspectives. We believe that a more diverse staff yields more well-rounded and effective decisions, and we seek to learn from one another so that we may grow and succeed. Our vision is one where individuals of all identities and backgrounds are truly valued, and one where we can realize our full potential together.

Achieving this vision means embedding principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion in our day-to-day lives and throughout our organization:

  • We seek to create inclusive, welcoming environments where staff members with different life experiences feel their presence is valued and their ideas are elevated. Placing authenticity, accountability, and transparency remain at the forefront of this endeavor.
  • We are building—and holding ourselves accountable for diligently maintaining—a validating work community where every staff member can thrive and where diverse perspectives are voiced, heard, discussed, and incorporated as our combined decisions advance a collective vision.
  • We believe that a person’s characteristics and circumstances—including race and ethnicity, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, income, class, disability, health, immigration status, nationality, religious beliefs, language proficiency or geographic location—should not limit their experience in the world and in our organization, nor the purposeful differences they make.

We remain committed to making a difference, and we strive to improve the experiences of employees and customers alike by increasing diversity and fostering equity and inclusion. This is Ciracom Cloud and the culture we have created, and we are always open to understanding how we can do better so that our words continue to match our actions.