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Microsoft Azure is a complete and highly-innovative cloud platform with an arsenal of more than 200 total cloud services. Azure presents countless engaging, seamless hybrid and multicloud solutions for your business and can be built, run, and managed across multiple cloud platforms simultaneously. This enables on-premises and remote capabilities and offers a plethora of intuitive tools and reliable frameworks to choose from. Read more below about how Ciracom Cloud can help your business drive value and assure quality experiences with Azure.
Azure Capabilities at a Glance with Ciracom Cloud: With Azure through Ciracom Cloud, your business can: Host existing applications and streamline new application development • Grow your business with unique-to-you solutions • Tap into Azure’s available tools, training and support regarding all of its cloud-based computing offerings and fully-managed services • Select from more than 90 different compliance offerings found in Azure’s portfolio • Extend your datacenter to the cloud with Azure Stack HCI • Easily create and manage resources like application services storage instances • Tap into built-in tools for cost management with billing help, visualized spending, customizable alerts and cost allocation •  Build scalable apps and solutions with Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) and with managed, intelligent SQL databases in the cloud • Deploy Azure Virtual Desktops • Trigger applications with complete serverless computing with Azure Functions • Get unmatched insights with Azure Synapse Analytics • Detect content with Azure’s Cognitive Search for speech and vision accessibility functions • Protect your business with multilayered security from the ground up • and much more from Ciracom Cloud
Don’t Know Where to Start? Ciracom Cloud can help!: If you’re new to Azure, welcome! It is our job to understand Azure well, and believe us when we say we do! Figuring out where to begin may seem a bit intimidating; for this, Ciracom Cloud offers a convenient Quickstart Center for Azure. This is truly a great place to start your Azure journey. Quickstart Center is a unique, self-paced onboarding platform with guided approaches so you can:

  • Start projects
  • Deploy virtual machines and container-based apps
  • Create new web apps
  • Set up databases and analytics projects
  • Store, back up, and archive your data

Ciracom Cloud’s Quickstart Center training courses lay the groundwork, and will aid with the rest! We can configure it all for you, removing any burdens and infrastructure concerns so you can focus on your business (rather than have you worry about what’s next!)
Your Azure Success Story with Ciracom Cloud: Beyond Ciracom Cloud’s Azure Quickstart Center, it is our responsibility to understand your organization’s Azure requirements. That is why we have certified Azure engineers on staff and have successfully completed more than 35,000 cloud migrations in the past 20 years. We customize your cloud experiences based on Azure’s available technologies, making your business’s environment and collaboration capabilities that much more unique.  
Other Quickstart Center offerings: If you’re looking to dive deeper yourself, Quickstart Center also encompasses tutorials and how-to samples on how to create, deploy, update and manage the following via Azure’s App Services:

  • ARM templates
  • Custom containers
  • Multi-container apps
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Python
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Static HTML sites 
More Azure services:
  • Application Hosting
  • Azure App Service
  • Azure Virtual Machines via Windows Server, Red Hat, Linux and others
  • Azure’s serverless functions
  • Azure Service Fabric
  • Azure Spring Cloud
  • Azure Advisor for telemetry analyzation and best-practice recommendations
  • Hosted storage and data access via Azure Cosmos DB, Storage, and SQL Database
  • Docker Support
  • Authentication via Azure Active Directory
  • Monitoring
  • DevOps Integration
  • Azure’s Multi-Region Apps
  • Command-line interfaces and PowerShell
  • APIs
  • Resource Manager

It’s easy to create an Azure account and start your subscription, and there are pay-as-you-go options, student options, and more availabilities for your needs.
Ciracom Cloud understands extremely well why Azure is a primary go-to for businesses and developers in the modern age. These services can be built precisely the way you need them; that’s why working with Azure means getting the absolute best from Ciracom Cloud!

There are genuinely so many great things happening in the cloud in 2021, and Ciracom Cloud is here to help you! In this case, with full Azure support. Our proactive Ciracom Experts will help you at your speed to determine which Azure productivity solutions may be best for you. Contact us for Azure Anytime Help at 866-MY365CLOUD.

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