Secure your modern workplace

Security for your small or midsize business is critical. Ciracom Cloud offers comprehensive, cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions to help protect your environment from threats.

Cyber Security
Microsoft Security

Microsoft Security

Upgrade from traditional antivirus software to enterprise-grade security from Microsoft Security. As a Microsoft partner, Ciracom Cloud can help secure your identity, data and devices.

XDR Solutions

Ciracom Cloud offers Extended Detection and Response (XDR) Solutions for a comprehensive defense approach. Our XDR security solutions are designed to stop and remediate attacks at machine speed.

XDR Solutions

Ciracom Cloud provides cost-effective, enterprise-grade protection that’s easy to set up and maintain. Take critical steps to secure your small or midsize business today.

Modernize your business security with easy-to-use standalone products and full-featured packages.

Tailored Guidance and Service

Understand your organization’s security environment, discover gaps, and receive ongoing guidance to improve your security stance and keep costs low.

Security Program Planning

Strengthen your security program based on best practices and the unique needs of your organization.

Personalized Ticket Handling

Go through one centralized contact for support ticket handing and—when necessary—issue escalation.

Quarterly Health Checks

Gauge your performance and progress with regular health checks and reviews. Understand vulnerabilities and adjust course with tailored recommendations.

We can help revitalize and secure your technologies, remove IT hassles, and simplify your day-to-day operations so you can focus on what matters most.

Founded more than 20 years ago, Ciracom Cloud is committed to delivering cloud-based and enterprise-level technology solutions to small and midsize organizations to help them grow, scale and thrive. We are a Microsoft partner, recognized for our achievements in training, performance and security. We offer comprehensive and easy-to-use solutions, especially designed for businesses with up to 300 employees.

Our technical experts can provide quality insights on the technologies you use. Shop Ciracom Cloud’s marketplace, request a quote and schedule a no-cost assessment today. We’re ready to help!