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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I get help for a problem I may have?

A. You can send an email to [email protected], or give us a call at 1-703-621-3900.

Q. Where can I find more information about Ciracom Cloud’s support options and Service-Level Agreements (SLAs)?

A. Ciracom Cloud has four support packages available to meet your company’s needs. The packages are outlined here.

Q. Can I customize a support package for my company?

A. Ciracom Cloud recognizes that not all companies are alike; that said, we can help you create a more customized support and cloud package. Please send an email to [email protected], or give us a call at 1-703-621-3900. We can craft a customized approach for your needs.

Q. How do we get started with Ciracom Cloud?

A. The best place to start is to speak with one of our certified Cloud experts. They are trained specifically in your industry and your technologies, making them invaluable resources for you and your team. You can send an email to [email protected] or give us a call at 1-703-621-3900, and we will get you scheduled with an expert.

Q. How do I transfer my company’s cloud subscriptions for Ciracom Cloud to manage?

A. We have an automated process to make this task easy for you. Once you provide us with your subscription information, we begin managing. We will also schedule quarterly reviews with you; these will pertain to how your cloud services usages are going, where you may be able to improve processes and overall team performances, and more.

Q. How does Ciracom Cloud simplify our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) subscriptions?

A. Put simply, we will transparently inform you as to exactly what you have available, how much it costs, and reports on how you and your team are using these services.

Q. How much does Ciracom Cloud cost?

A. Ciracom Cloud’s pricings vary, depending on the number of employees at your organization and the features you select. To get a quote, call 1-703-621-3900 or email our Customer Success team at [email protected]

Q. What does Ciracom Cloud do?

A. Ciracom Cloud is a cloud-centric, managed services provider that offers your organization full, outsourced IT support, along with industry-leading SaaS products and professional services. We are a B2B company focused on helping you and your business achieve modern greatness.

Furthermore, we offer top-notch technologies supported by certified cloud experts that help time-strapped professionals perform the work of many. Even a one-person IT department within a small business can use Ciracom Cloud to analyze what technologies work best for you, assist in managing cloud subscriptions, and help strengthen your cyber security. And that’s just the beginning.

Q. Does Ciracom Cloud do Help Desk support?

A. Yes, Ciracom Cloud has its own Help Desk team, Ciracom Cloud Frontline. We are available 24x7x365 to reduce issues you experience quickly and easily. In addition to this world-class team of trained professionals, customers also enjoy comprehensive quarterly reporting, a dedicated customer success manager, and fully managed services. You can learn more about Ciracom Cloud by visiting our product pages and throughout the remainder of our site.

Q. Does Ciracom Cloud do quarterly business reviews?

A. Absolutely! Ciracom Cloud understands that your technology must perform; full stop. We will help you manage, track, and prioritize your technologies by using benchmarking tools, reviewing industry trends and best practices, and identifying when to act and plan for the future.

Q. How long does it take to set up Ciracom Cloud?

A. It generally takes between four and six weeks to fully implement Ciracom Cloud at your organization. (Timelines vary.)

Q. What is the setup process like?

A. Our implementation team manages a 150-point onboarding checklist, documents critical data, deploys industry-best practice tools, and processes to get your organization onboarded. The process takes between four to six weeks, and you can expect two to three scheduled calls per week during this window for project management. These are in place to ensure we capture the details required to best support you.

Q. How flexible is Ciracom Cloud in supporting current infrastructure and technologies?

A. We understand that many organizations have already made investments; to this end, we will evaluate, document, and support what equipment and technologies you have, then move through the process from there.

Q. Does Ciracom Cloud do custom development work?

A. Ciracom Cloud is a partner with several IPAA (Integration Platform-as-a-Service) providers, and our professional services team can assist you with developing APIs and workflows to automate your business processes and create new and efficient workflows.

Q. Does Ciracom Cloud work and support other technologies and vendors?

A. This is similar to our answer regarding our support of current infrastructure and technologies. We continue to understand that previous investments are constantly in place and that contractual relationships exist. To this point, our task is to help our customers get aligned for real growth by paying attention to the details of every business in which we work. Our seasoned team members are patient, knowledgeable, and comfortable in supporting a vast array of technologies. Thus, working for long-term relationships with our customers is of the highest priority.

Q. How does Ciracom Cloud help me go 100% to the cloud?

A. Ciracom Cloud offers two distinct approaches when it comes to your cloud journey. We support approaches both fast and slow. From the first day you begin working with us, we begin documenting the “current state” of your business. This aids us in proactively creating a plan and budget for your “future cloud state.” This approach can be tailored to your exact needs so it is neither rushed, nor the utmost priority. It can be eased into for a smooth, all-cloud environment transition. (And speaking of priorities, planning and clear priorities are essential to every cloud journey. We will ensure your comprehensive cloud plan includes these steps, while also leveraging industry-leading cloud technologies.)

Q. Who are Ciracom Cloud customers?

A. Over 95% of Ciracom Cloud’s customers are small-and-medium-sized businesses, located throughout the United States.

Q. How does Ciracom Cloud bill me?

A. Ciracom Cloud bills on the 1st of each month, and payable automatically by credit card or ACH. We do offer 30-day terms for prequalified customers. Our professional service projects are firm fixed price and invoiced monthly until the project is completed. Please reach out directly with any other billing-related queries.