Ciracom Cloud’s Security Operation Center is purposefully built for the MSP industry; it provides a multi-tenant cloud experience that is backed by Ciracom Cloud’s seasoned security analysts. This includes the following:

  • SIEMless Log Monitoring – Monitoring, searching, and alerting/reporting on the (3) attack pillars: Network, Cloud, and Endpoint Log Data. This spans across Windows & macOS security events, firewall & network device events, and Office 365 & Azure AD cloud events.
  • Threat Intelligence & Hunting – We provide real-time threat intelligence monitoring, connecting to premium intel feed partners and giving our customers the largest global repository of threat indicators. (In short, our SOC analysts utilize intel telemetry to hunt “bad actors.”)
  • Breach Detection – We detect adversaries that evade traditional cybersecurity defenses such as firewalls and AV; we then identify attacker TTPs and align with MITRE ATT&CK, producing a full forensic timeline of chronological events to deter intruders before breaches occur.
  • Intrusion Monitoring – In addition to our real-time threat intelligence monitoring, we also monitor malicious and suspicious activities and identify potential indicators, such as connections to terrorist nations, unauthorized TCP/UDP services, and backdoor connections to C2 servers.
  • NextGen Malware – Our robust cybersecurity provides added protection to your Microsoft Defender license; it detects malicious files and phishing attempts your organization encounters.
  • Proactive Security Monitoring – Our Ciracom Cloud SOC’s security engineers always proactively investigate alerts, triaging data and resolving issues expeditiously so you can focus on the hassle-free growth and success of your business.

Key Features

Premium SOC services through Ciracom Cloud

As with any of our offerings, Ciracom Cloud will serve as an effectual extension of your business to aid you and remove hassles so you can focus on progress and innovation. In the case of our SOC, Ciracom Cloud can help you kick-start your SOC-as-a-Service monitoring and detection processes right away. Our experts are always here to help you.


Proactive Care

We dedicate ourselves to assuring your business's successful collaboration, as well as the prevention of any data loss or other issues before they occur.
Round-the-Clock Maintenance

24/7 access to remote and on-site server remediation services at a flat monthly rate.
Live Help Desk Support

Fast and reliable IT and cloud solutions provided for all of your users.


For additional insight and support, book a live-chat appointment with a Ciracom Cloud expert by calling 1-866-MY365CLOUD, or by contacting [email protected]


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