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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s answer to the question: “How is agility without limits achieved?” Dynamics 365 is a set of innovative, interconnected (and modular) Software-as-as-Service (SaaS) services and applications designed to aid your employees, customers, and overall business activities. Dynamics 365 combines ERP and CRM capabilities and easily integrates your data, processes, and business logic; instead of operating with separate, very-siloed marketing and sales functions, Dynamics 365 offers automated, intelligent capabilities for both that efficiently prioritize, connect, and convert leads. Built on Microsoft Azure and natively integrated with Microsoft 365’s productivity apps, this lends a unified way to conveniently manage users and services. Read more below about how Ciracom Cloud can help your business tighten up operations, adapt responsibly to changes, and create faster impacts with Dynamics 365.

Dynamics 365’s General Capabilities with Ciracom Cloud: With Dynamics 365 through Ciracom Cloud, your business can: Close more deals • Build stronger relationships • Improve performance and sales productivity across the board • Increase customer demand with nurtured leads • Monitor up-to-date marketing trends • Deliver a wealth of positive customer experiences with optimized resources • Reduce operational costs and hone your financial management • Decrease expenses • Become more proactive and predictive, rather than reactive • Craft seamless experiences for each of your customers • Tap into a portfolio of business applications to deliver operational excellence
More Dynamics 365 Information: Whether this is your first—or fiftieth—time encountering Microsoft Dynamics 365, Ciracom Cloud is ready to help with your every Dynamics need. More facets of this service include:
  • Highly-adaptable apps for varying departmental needs, including browser-based apps accessible from anywhere and on any device •    Minimization (and potential elimination) of the needs for code (and risks altogether), as users may build apps on their own with a simple point-and-click creation experience via Microsoft Power Apps
  • Built-in intelligence for actionable insights via AI services, both from Azure and from AI insights apps such as Customer Insights
  • Running natively on Azure, thus benefitting from Microsoft’s expansive cloud fabric and global data centers for 99.9% availability (meaning you can host services anywhere, including in preferred data center regions for reduced latency)
  • Using granular administration controls to define access parameters, security groups, or pre-specified access rules to remove sensitive information at will
  • GDPR compliance and support for major global, governmental, regional and industry regulations (and compliance with applicable data protection and privacy laws)
  • Connecting to existing services, and enabling smarter business transformations
Your Dynamics Successes, Assured by Ciracom Cloud: Here’s the bottom line: Ciracom Cloud can help migrate your existing systems and maximize your future successes with Dynamics 365. Dynamics makes you more agile, and we have found that agility and constant innovation are great hallmarks for resilient businesses. Dynamics 365 helps in this effort, bringing together customers and services, products and data, supply chains and brick-and-mortar storefronts, all to redefine how your business tracks everything from improvements to sure-fire victories.  

With Ciracom Cloud, we’ll aid you in moving forward; always forward, especially as our ever-changing industries shift. We must remain agile and in lockstep with the speed of those changes, and we’ll help you do the same.

Ciracom Cloud understands extremely well why Dynamics 365 works so well. And working with Dynamics means getting the best from us, every single day!
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