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Best Practices

Let’s consider some of these IT principles, and how they’ve changed over time (if at all).

It isn’t often that you’ll hear a managed service provider say something like, “There’s no school like the old school.” In many ways, however, the basic principles of a solid business IT strategy haven’t changed all that much… despite the momentous changes that we’ve witnessed in terms of the technology we use.
Mleate Asmare, November 05, 2021

Making the right decisions in regards to your business’ technology has to do with multiple factors, but one sticks out: What do we do?

It seems simple enough, but when you are choosing technology you are probably going to run into technical people that don’t speak your language or salespeople who speak your language a little too well. This will confuse the vast majority of people. It’s not as if there is a guide that can help you match the specific technology to your business; you will have to rely on people to help you do that.
Amy Rutt, November 05, 2021

Here, we’ve assembled a few best practices that you should keep in mind to help reinforce your browser’s security.

Privacy is a sensitive subject nowadays, especially online. Regardless of the browser you have elected to use, properly using it will have a large impact. Let’s review a few ways that you and your team can help secure your business and its resources and go over these settings.
Amy Rutt, October 28, 2021

Let’s review some strategies to help reinforce the importance of IT to improve your business.

When looking to improve your business via the use of technology, it helps to keep a few basic tenets in mind. Let’s review some strategies to help reinforce their importance.
Kim Beben, October 28, 2021

Let’s take a look at how people keep their data secure to opportunists and scammers. 

Unfortunately, the more people lean on technology, the more data breaches there are. The correlation makes sense, but with so much innovation in data security and data systems, it’s a shame more can’t be done to keep businesses and individuals from losing data to opportunists and scammers. That’s why knowing how to circumvent these forces is essential to keep your data safe.
Kim Beben, October 28, 2021

What threats are there to passwords?

Your business’ security largely depends on how secure the passwords are that keep your resources from being accessed without authorization. Despite this, many users—perhaps even you—frequently sacrifice sufficient security measures in favor of the simple and convenient route, cutting corners when coming up with their passwords. Let’s try and remedy this by reviewing a few practices that can help make a password more effective.
Kim Beben, October 28, 2021

Protecting our utilities has to be essential not only for utility companies, but also for society as a whole.

It’s been reported that a hacker virtually broke into a Floridian water treatment facility and briefly increased the levels of sodium hydroxide in the Pinellas County water supply. Fortunately, onsite operators noticed the spike and reduced it right away, keeping the public from risk of increased levels of poison in their water. This is just the latest story in a seemingly never-ending supply of them that have to do with public utilities being at risk from cyberattacks. Today, we will take a look at this issue. 
Kim Beben, October 28, 2021