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Harness the Power of Microsoft Secure Score to Improve Your Organization’s Cybersecurity Posture

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by Amy Rutt • October 03, 2022

Read on to learn about what Microsoft Secure Score is, what specifically it helps monitor, and how it can be harnessed for the cybersafety your organization deserves.

Cybercriminals are unfortunately still a threat to your business and its data. Thankfully, there are methods through which malicious cybersecurity breaches can be avoided. Ciracom Cloud utilizes numerous tools to protect you from compromise, and one of the most preeminent is Microsoft Secure Score. Read on to learn about what Microsoft Secure Score is, what specifically it helps monitor, and how it can be harnessed for the cybersafety your organization deserves. 

  • What is Microsoft Secure Score?
  • What does Microsoft Secure Score monitor?
  • How else does your business benefit from what Microsoft Secure Score offers?
  • How can you get started?

Earlier this year, Ciracom Cloud published a piece about security policies and device protection to highlight how organizations can get ahead of cybersecurity attacks. With Microsoft Secure Score, the security recommendations it provides can be crucial to ensuring your business is protected now, in 30 days, 90 days, and beyond.

“What is Microsoft Secure Score?

At a glance, Microsoft Secure Score is an invaluable tool that measures and assesses an organization’s security posture. Functionally, it provides important indicators regarding improvements that can potentially be implemented to better your cybersecurity measures. Following what Microsoft Secure Score recommends helps protect your organization from malicious cyberthreats.

“What does Microsoft Secure Score monitor?”

More specifically, Microsoft Secure Score is powered by Microsoft Defender and it monitors an organization’s security posture by creating lists of highly-actionable, step-by-step plans. Cybersecurity breaches can sadly leave indelible marks on your business’s progress forward. But no longer do organizations simply have to wait for support following an intrusion; working proactively will always help your business more than waiting idly.

Here's a shortlist of Microsoft Secure Score’s capabilities when it comes to protecting you from threats:

  • Microsoft Secure Score provides intelligent guidance and prioritized improvement actions to strengthen your security posture.

    • On the Microsoft Secure Score dashboard, recommended improvements are easily monitorable to help users visually track the status of an action.
    • A higher Secure Score indicates improvement actions have already been taken. While these don’t automatically point to the likelihood of a breach, they offer solid indications of how many risks may have been offset by actively pursuing what Microsoft recommends.
  • Improvement actions are organized by Identity, Device, and Apps.
  • Improvement actions can also be sub-grouped and filtered for your convenience by Category, License, Status, Products, Device, Device Status, Update Types, and more.
  • High-level overviews of your business’s cybersecurity posture are generated, and improvement lists with easily-identifiable datapoints are highlighted.
  • Improvements are easily shareable for your team members via .csv export, or by sharing a link, emailing the export directly, or by sharing via Microsoft Teams messages or with a card in Microsoft Planner.
  • Scores take approximately 24 hours to update following the carrying-out of a given improvement action.

“How else does your business benefit from what Microsoft Secure Score offers?”

Additionally, Microsoft Secure Score details:

  • Extraneous Threat Analytics
  • Optimized Management of Possible Vulnerabilities
  • Partners and APIs
  • Recent and Active Investigations

You can even look into a projected/planned Secure Score to estimate the possible security boost before acting.

“How can you get started?”

Showing your Microsoft Secure Score some love is simple, especially with support from Ciracom Cloud.

Ciracom Cloud uses Microsoft Secure Score to further segment individual tasks for improving your business’s security so that hassles are totally removed from your plate. Ciracom Cloud’s Microsoft experts are able to analyze how certain unique changes can be actioned to protect your business, no matter its size or its state of IT.

If you find yourself interested in learning more about how to keep your business maximally protected with Microsoft technologies, Ciracom Cloud is here to help. Book an easy, 15-minute appointment with one of our experts here!

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