Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 allows you to take your business further with the combination of already-best-in-class productivity applications and truly intelligent cloud services for transforming the ways in which you and your teams work and safely store data. See below for more details.

Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 offers the following:

  • Simplified access management and security via multi-factor authentication, conditional access, and advanced reporting
  • A bundle including Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 includes Azure Active Directory Premium P1, Microsoft Intune, Azure Information Protection P1, Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics, Azure Rights Management (which is part of Azure Information Protection) and the Windows Server Client Access License (or CAL)
  • Around-the-clock security of your organization's virtual identities and corporate data with the ability to remotely manage devices and apps (including encryption)
  • The additional abilities to easily track and monitor shared-data activities and revoke shared access (in the case of unexpected events)
  • Conditional access policy deployment with contextual controls at user, location, device and app levels
  • Integrated PC management and integrated on-premises management
  • Document tracking and revocation
  • Encryption key management (per regulatory needs)

Key Features

Premium Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 services through Ciracom Cloud

As with any of our offerings, Ciracom Cloud will serve as an effectual extension of your business to aid you and remove hassles so you can focus on progress and innovation. In this case, acquiring Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security E3 means having access to Ciracom Cloud's team of Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS) experts; we offer this because the implementation of services such as these can get complicated (regarding defining and deploying certain policies, options and more). Ciracom Cloud's experts will help define what comprehensive policies are best for your business by leveraging various EMS features to help configure your apps so you can prioritize more important tasks.


Proactive Care

We dedicate ourselves to assuring your business's successful collaboration, as well as the prevention of any data loss or other issues before they occur.
Round-the-Clock Maintenance

24/7 access to remote and on-site server remediation services at a flat monthly rate.
Live Help Desk Support

Fast and reliable IT and cloud solutions provided for all of your users.


For additional insight and support, book a live-chat appointment with a Ciracom Cloud expert by calling 1-866-MY365CLOUD, or by contacting [email protected].


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