Microsoft Defender for Endpoint's enterprise endpoint security platform is specifically designed to help your business networks detect, investigate and respond to advanced threats, in addition to preventing further invasive problems. It includes:

  • Technology built into Windows 10 and Microsoft's ever-robust cloud service
  • Endpoint behavioral sensors embedded in Windows 10 that collect and process behavioral signals from the OS and send data to your private, isolated cloud instance
  • Said behavioral signal translation into valuable insights and recommended responses for your review
  • Cloud security analysis that leverages big-data, device-learning, and unique Microsoft optics across the Windows ecosystem
  • Threat intelligence generated by Microsoft hunters and security teams that enables Defender for Endpoint to identify attacker tools, procedures and techniques

Key Features

Premium Microsoft Defender for Endpoint services through Ciracom Cloud

As with any of our offerings, Ciracom Cloud will serve as an effectual extension of your business to aid you and remove hassles so you can focus on progress and innovation. In this case, Microsoft Defender for Endpoint also directly integrates with many Microsoft solutions your business may already make use of (especially through Ciracom Cloud); this includes Azure Defender and Azure Sentinel, Intune, Microsoft Cloud App Security, and Microsoft Defender for Identity. Allow our experts to handle all of this so you and your business can prioritize more important tasks.


Proactive Care

We dedicate ourselves to assuring your business's successful collaboration, as well as the prevention of any data loss or other issues before they occur.
Round-the-Clock Maintenance

24/7 access to remote and on-site server remediation services at a flat monthly rate.
Live Help Desk Support

Fast and reliable IT and cloud solutions provided for all of your users.


For additional insight and support, book a live-chat appointment with a Ciracom Cloud expert by calling 1-866-MY365CLOUD, or by contacting [email protected].


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