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Ciracom Cloud’s Secure Modern Workplace is backed by our Security Operations Center (SOC) 24x7x365; this provides our customers with security-first, zero-trust technologies. As we continue building, scaling, and managing securities across environments (i.e., cloud, traditional, and hybrid), we are simultaneously building out these services to fit your business and the challenges it may face. And as we consistently fortify our application management and our customers’ identities throughout the network, we also utilize a strong Defense in Depth (DiD) approach to cybersecurity. DiD is a multi-layered cybersecurity strategy that allows us to thwart potential threats more proactively, securing your team to work securely and intelligently from anywhere, on any device, and with increased insights into compliance and governance.

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Microsoft Intune Plan 1
$8.00 Microsoft Intune Plan 1 Buy Now
  • An MDM (Mobile Device Management) and MAM (Mobile Application Management) provider (that is part of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security) that allows you control how your business's devices are used (including mobile devices, tablets, laptops, etc.)
  • Allows specific policy configuration to best control applications (e.g. preventing emails from being sent to certain individuals outside your organization)
  • Also allows you set other rules on personal and organization-owned devices, deploy and authenticate apps, protect crucial company information and more

Apps and services included

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1
$3.00 Microsoft Defender for Endpoint P1 Buy Now
  • A complete endpoint security solution designed to help your business's networks detect, investigate and respond to vulnerabilities and advanced threats
  • Built into Windows 10 to best collect and process behavioral signals and send data to your private, isolated cloud instance
  • Offers optimized threat intelligence so attacker tools may be easily identified and taken care of

Apps and services included

Microsoft Defender for Identity
$5.50 Microsoft Defender for Identity Buy Now
  • Leverages on-premises Active Directory signals to help detect, identify and investigate crucial threats and malicious actions directed at you and your business
  • Specifically monitors users, entity behaviors, and activities with learning-based analytics
  • Identifies suspicious activities and anomalies with adaptive, built-in intelligence

Apps and services included