Hirsch & Ehlenberger Streamlines and Secures Operations with Ciracom Cloud

About Hirsch & Ehlenberger

Based in Virginia, Hirsch & Ehlenberger specializes in family law, including divorce settlements, custody agreements, child and spousal support and protective orders. They approach the legal process with compassion, commitment and legal excellence.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Ciracom Cloud, Hirsch & Ehlenberger had been experiencing connectivity and reliability issues and needed regular equipment monitoring and maintenance. The law firm also needed better backup and disaster recovery solutions and to protect client data. The law firm wanted to save on IT costs, streamline the office’s day-to-day operations, and consolidate their subscriptions.

The Solution

To support Hirsch & Ehlenberger, Ciracom Cloud:

  • Migrated the company to the cloud and deployed several cloud solutions to optimize Hirsch & Ehlenberger’s infrastructure
  • Improved secure scanning and data-storing capabilities, as well as device management
  • Readied the law firm with a reliable virtual courtroom


“I don’t normally give testimonials, however, I’ve been extraordinarily pleased with Ciracom Cloud’s support, so this is a fine exception. Practicing law isn’t easy, and dealing with tech woes is even harder for us. But Ciracom Cloud have kept our interruptions at zero and everything has been extremely convenient. They’ve proven to be more than adept at determining our present and future needs, and working with them is one of the best decisions we’ve made.” - Brian Hirsch: Partner

Cloud migration

Ciracom Cloud migrated Hirsch & Ehlenberger to the cloud and deployed several cloud solutions, including Microsoft 365 Business Basic and Standard, ShareFile, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Azure Active Directory and Microsoft OneDrive. Ciracom Cloud also enabled a pay portal for Hirsch & Ehlenberger’s and coordinated with its bank to maximize their e-billing capabilities.

Secure Document-scanning and data-storage

Ciracom Cloud assisted the law firm with their device management, secure document scanning and back-ups of crucial data.

Virtual Courtroom Setup

Ciracom Cloud helped Hirsch & Ehlenberger convert one of its conference rooms into a multi-purpose, virtual courtroom. Ciracom Cloud arranged for the installation of a television and sound system that was connect to a secure IT system.

The Impact

With Ciracom Cloud’s consistent support, Hirsch & Ehlenberger went from being a fairly low-tech family law firm to feeling ahead of the technological curve. The firm can easily facilitate virtual client meetings, especially those discussing high-stress family situations, knowing that the conversations are secure. Their cybersecurity and data-sharing needs have been upgraded. From the very start, Ciracom Cloud analyzed the firm’s objectives, laid out the requisite IT expenses without upselling, and provided cloud business solutions to keep everything running smoothly.

“Ciracom Cloud certainly delivered,” Brian Hirsch said. “With their help, you could look at our billable hours around the height of COVID-19 and not realize there was, in fact, a pandemic at all. It has been that seamless, and we’re quite appreciative.”

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