By Migrating to the Cloud, Trestle Increases Cybersecurity and Boosts Productivity

About Trestle

Trestle provides nonprofit consulting services and helps organizations manage their administrative workload with access to financial, human resources and compliance specialists.

The Challenge

Prior to engaging Ciracom Cloud, Trestle relied on an on-premises server that was quickly aging and an outdated phone system. It also lacked modern security solutions and collaboration tools needed in today’s hybrid work environment.

The Solution

To support Trestle, Ciracom Cloud actioned the following:

  • Migration to the cloud to enhance their cybersecurity and IT infrastructure
  • Deployed Microsoft cloud solutions to increase productivity and collaboration
  • Establish an Azure hosting environment
  • Devised a simpler onboarding plan


“It didn’t make sense for us to hire a full fleet of in-house IT personnel. We needed outsourced assistance we could trust implicitly. Ciracom Cloud has provided that, without a doubt.” - Bryon Budenseik: President

Migration to the Cloud

After working with Trestle to develop a roadmap for digital transformation, Ciracom Cloud migrated the company to the cloud. Trestle now receives regular monitoring and maintenance of their equipment, patch management, database migrations when necessary, and hardware issue resolutions with Ciracom Cloud’s 24x7x365 support.

Cloud Business Solutions

Ciracom Cloud deployed several Microsoft cloud business solutions that increased collaboration and productivity. This included Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Azure Active Directory Premium, Office 365 E3, Exchange Online, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Security.

Trestle also transitioned to QuickBooks in the cloud, using their secured Microsoft Azure server environment for hosting. By doing so, Trestle was able to save on time, resources and costs without sacrificing security or flexibility.

In addition, Ciracom Cloud implemented a text messaging service that simplified how Trestle supported many of their clients. “We asked Ciracom if it was even possible, and before we knew it they had gotten to work on it, tested it, and made it happen,” said Bryon Budenseik, Owner at Trestle. “That was exemplary; it broke new ground for us. Their experts helped us step by step.”

Simplified Onboarding

Before partnering with Ciracom Cloud, Trestle’s onboarding process was long and drawn out, decreasing productivity and adding costs for device setups. Ciracom Cloud simplified user onboarding and device management. Now when a new device is needed, at the office or for remote work, it comes with the necessary software. “It’s the essence of automation,” Budensiek said, “and it has helped immensely.”

The Impact

Unlike many of Trestle’s competitors, who rely upon outdated processes and must maintain their own operating systems, Trestle has made the move to the cloud with the support of Ciracom Cloud. The consolidation of their IT has put Trestle at the forefront of the industry. “Since Ciracom Cloud came to the rescue, we have been positioned much better to provide top client advisory services to our nonprofits,” Budensiek said. “No matter where a client is, we can help them because of the advancements Ciracom Cloud made to our geographical reach. That impact should never be understated. Ciracom Cloud knows nonprofits and small-to-medium-sized businesses like ours and the ones we help, and with their support we are undoubtedly stronger.”

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