K&R Branding Solutions Optimizes Tech with Ciracom Cloud

About K&R Branding Solutions

Established in 1981, K & R Branding Solutions ranks nationally in the Top 50 Promotion Products Distributors for their sales and customer-focused initiatives. The company provides a full spectrum of promotional offerings with custom branding, product design and e-commerce development.

The Challenge

Before engaging with Ciracom Cloud, K & R Branding Solutions had been using on-premises servers and hosted email. Collaboration was difficult and maintenance was a burden. K&R also recognized that they needed to modernize their business security and create a long-term roadmap to address the growth of their business and the pace of changing technologies.

The Solution

To best support K & R Branding Solutions, Ciracom Cloud:

  • Designed a modern network with updated technologies and servers
  • Updated workstations and devices
  • Deployed several software solutions—including Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Exchange Online, Office 365 E3, Azure Active Directory, Microsoft Defender for Office 365, and more—for improved business continuity
  • Upgraded disaster recovery measures
  • Activated voiceover IP for better calling experience


“Ciracom Cloud is full of forward-thinkers. They’re extremely reliable. They get the right equipment and the right people with the right technical knowledge to get the job done the first time, every time.” - Alan Brown: K & R’s former Chief Financial Officer

Designed a Modern Network

Ciracom Cloud migrated K&R’s critical applications to more powerful servers, making the infrastructure faster and more secure. Ciracom Cloud also updated K&R’s workstations and deployed several software solutions so that employees could consistently access their files and collaborate.

To increase security and improve all-around performance, Ciracom Cloud migrated the company to Microsoft 365. This step enabled more services such as Exchange Online Archiving and Office 365, which improved record retention for the company. Ciracom Cloud also deployed voiceover IP to improve call quality.

Ciracom Cloud also configured K&R’s Microsoft Azure virtual domain controller, which saved costs by eliminating the need to invest in on-premises equipment and ensuring there is disaster recovery and business continuity.

The Impact

With the guidance and professional services team from Ciracom Cloud, K & R is well-equipped technologically, and their core collaboration and communications platforms have been transformed. Their security risks have been significantly reduced in the era of remote work.

All in all, Ciracom Cloud’s cloud-first approach and 24x7x365 managed services helped K & R Branding Solutions simplify operations, harness the cloud and pave the way for future growth.

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