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Executive Summary: Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute Expands Comprehensive Services by Harnessing Cloud Technologies with Ciracom Cloud

About Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute

Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute is a nationally-recognized leader in cosmetic surgery. The premier providers at Bitar Institute take great pride in their commitment to exceptional care throughout every step of the doctor-patient experience. With a philosophy grounded in promoting healthy lifestyles and self-confidence, Dr. George Bitar and his highly-trained and compassionate staff offer a breadth of extensive resources. These include skin care, non-surgical rejuvenations, cosmetic dentistry, med-spa services, and more.

Customer Issues

Prior to engaging Ciracom Cloud, Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute had two offices in Virginia; one in Manassas, the other in Fairfax. When they decided to consolidate to the one Fairfax location, new IT challenges arose. Partnering with Ciracom Cloud for enterprise-class support and services during this move was how they overcame these challenges and became a stronger workforce.


To best support Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute, Ciracom Cloud:

  • Devised a multi-step project roadmap to enable seamless cloud solution integrations
  • Future-proofed Bitar Institute with several essential Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft 365 and Azure
  • Provided immediate and critical support for their infrastructure via Cisco Meraki and retention policies, bolstered their cybersecurity posture, and increased the efficacy of their disaster recovery, and business continuity measures

Creating the Roadmap

Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute had been using a variety of technologies before their Fairfax office consolidation, as well as several IT vendors to support their expanding patient load. It was then that Dr. George Bitar contacted Ciracom Cloud, and the initial assessment illustrated many technical areas needing to be addressed prior to fully migrating to the cloud. Ciracom Cloud developed a multi-sprint project plan; a hybrid cloud environment would be created to enable easier access to data and resources, ensure business continuity, minimize downtime, and set the path for a cloud-first foundation.

Future-Proofing via Microsoft Technologies

Transitioning to Microsoft technologies was a must for Bitar Institute. Amongst the services Ciracom Cloud deployed, Microsoft 365 Business Premium, Office 365, and Azure Active Directory were three of the most crucial. Deploying Azure, for instance, created a more secure and redundant hybrid cloud infrastructure in accordance with Bitar Institute’s electronic health records applications. This provided them with an interim step to becoming a 100% cloud practice while also achieving the sure-fire flexibility they needed.

Additionally, Bitar Institute had been using Rackspace for their email; this may have been a good fit in the past, but as time went on it began to lack the functionality they required to communicate and collaborate more effectively as a team. Ciracom Cloud migrated to Microsoft Teams and Outlook, and configured their tenant to better optimize their security posture.

Cisco Meraki and Retention Policies

Deploying Cisco Meraki wireless access points created an even more secure wireless network for Bitar Institute’s staff and patients. This was especially important when Bitar Institute moved offices, as previously mentioned; Ciracom Cloud ensured any undue Cisco Meraki-related issues were prevented during the move, and they were able to decrease its cost for Bitar Institute. Ciracom Cloud also set up newer retention policies because Bitar is a healthcare provider; they now have in place seven-year, HIPAA-required retention policies for all of their communications.


Forward-Thinking || Patient-Driven

Ciracom Cloud approached every single project for Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute with a cloud-first, security-first, and cost-savings methodology. They unambiguously understood both the short-term and long-term for Dr. George Bitar and his staff, and Ciracom Cloud made it happen. Through the guidance provided, the high-level solutions implemented, and Ciracom Cloud’s 24x7x365 managed services, Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute was transformed into a cloud-conscious institute of medicine.

Interested in updating your business’s Microsoft technologies and migrating to the cloud? Book a free, 15-minute appointment with one of Ciracom Cloud’s experts here!