How a Community Association Improved Services for Residents with Ciracom Cloud

About Brambleton Community Association

Brambleton Community Association is a homeowner’s association serving the Brambleton area in Virginia. Its core mission is to develop and execute plans that enrich the community and lifestyle of its residents through social events, community programs, and the building and maintaining of recreational facilities.

The Challenge

Brambleton needed larger mailboxes for staff and wanted to eliminate manual tracking of Office 365 licenses. In addition, network issues made it difficult for residents to access the association’s pools and use the designated Wi-Fi, creating bad experiences overall.

The Solution

Ciracom Cloud helped in the following ways:

  • Created a more pleasant experience for Brambleton’s customers—while eliminating as many disruptions in the workspace as possible—with an email migration to Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Exchange Online and Office 365 E3
  • Deployed a remote monitoring management solution to ensure computers are always connected to the server to allow access to the pool locations
  • Upgraded Wi-Fi access points
  • Reduced risk from cyber attacks


“In today’s environment, it is essential that we operate our small office system with the same integrity and standards as larger corporate America. We rely on Ciracom Cloud’s focus and expertise to keep our systems, equipment, and software current so we are not easy targets and open and vulnerable to attacks and viruses. Ciracom Cloud’s attention to our systems keeps staff productive and efficient, and our data secure, while working at the office or remote locations.” - Rick Stone: General Manager

Email migration

Ciracom Cloud deployed a new phone system and migrated Brambleton’s email system to Microsoft 365 Business Standard, Office 365 E3, and Exchange Online (Plan 1). Doing so not only provided its users with larger mailboxes, but it also eliminated the tedious process of manual license tracking. Furthermore, Ciracom Cloud helped establish several distribution groups and automated emails for Brambleton to simplify the process of responding to emails and promoting shortened response times.

Deployed a remote monitoring management solution

One of the projects Ciracom Cloud spearheaded was the deployment of Kaseya VSA, a remote monitoring management solution, to all of Brambleton’s computers assigned in each of their pool locations. This solution monitors server connections and, if a disconnect is detected, it restarts the VPN connection back to the office, providing access to the pools.

Upgraded Wi-Fi connection points

Ciracom Cloud successfully fixed the Wi-Fi connections by installing three exterior Meraki access points, more commonly used for stadiums. Special antennas were also put in place to ensure Wi-Fi accessibility for the entire pool area.


With the increase of malware incidents and cybersecurity-related attacks, Ciracom Cloud deployed top-tier software and technology to ensure a secured and locked down environment for Brambleton. These solutions protect computers even when staff are not present in the office. Additionally, backups are in place, further protecting the company.

The Impact

Since engaging with Ciracom Cloud, Brambleton no longer needs to manually manage and track store-bought Office licenses. Residents can check into pool areas without any interruptions. And the Association now has stable Wi-Fi connections not only in the office, but also in its pool areas.

“What I really appreciate is Ciracom Cloud’s knowledge and systems in place to promptly respond to the needs of our staff and organization,” said Rick Stone, General Manager for Brambleton Community Association. “Ciracom Cloud proactively works to keep our systems current and to educate our decision-makers on necessary upgrades and best practices. Ciracom Cloud has afforded us to incorporate cutting edge technology in our small office environment.”

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