MBACSI Adopts Microsoft Solutions with Ciracom Cloud

About MBA Consulting Services, Inc. (MBACSI)

MBA Consulting Services, Inc. (MBACSI) is a technology consulting company providing IT talent staffing support as well as facilities management and digital solutions talent, often in government offices.

The Challenge

When Ciracom Cloud first met with the MBACSI team, staff were experiencing communication and security issues. Because the company did not maintain an email domain of its own, staff were using several different email addresses linked to different domains. The company was archiving mailboxes through fragile “personal storage table” files, and they often experienced poor network connections.

Furthermore, the company had a lot of individual software licenses on many different laptops, and various versions of those software licenses were causing some critical version control issues and translation issues among some of the applications. And staff had no way to securely share files other than by physically logging in at the office or using VPN.

The Solution

MBACSI required up-to-date Microsoft Office products, an official MBACSI email for internal communications, an upgraded security posture, and a means to enable advanced collaborative software for its organization.


“Ciracom Cloud advises us from time to time on certain risks that are out there and gives us real comfort in knowing that we've got the current software to protect us. Everybody wants to protect their data, and Ciracom Cloud really has managed those security issues well for us.” - Mark Colturi: Chief Operating Officer

Created MBACSI’s official email domain

Ciracom Cloud implemented cost-efficient ways to provide MBACSI’s users with an MBACSI email domain while also allowing them to log into various software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms. Ciracom Cloud created an official MBACSI email so that the company could communicate with its employees directly rather than emailing them at their work placements, often in government. Ciracom Cloud deployed Microsoft 365 F3 for MBACSI’s remote employees, Microsoft 365 Business Premium for its office users, and Exchange Online Kiosk for its placed employees. Additionally, staff were given access to SharePoint to safely access data without the need to rely on VPN.

Migration to Office 365

Ciracom Cloud worked with MBACSI to secure and migrate their personal storage table (PST) files to Office 365. This included saved calendar events, contacts and email messages. The move to Office 365 provided the company with greater accessibility, flexibility and storage.

“Ciracom Cloud provided a thoroughly phased approach to implement the migration, and it was a smooth one,” said Mark Colturi, MBACSI’s Chief Operating Officer. “It involved a discovery phase, followed by a very careful configuration phase that gave everybody here a lot of confidence. Everyone had different software applications with different versions, and we wanted to make sure that we didn't lose any data during this migration. We also wanted to ensure that we had the right privilege model for secure access to the data downstream. So I think it was that experience, this so-called white-glove treatment, that Ciracom Cloud provided that gave everybody a great deal of peace of mind.”

Upgraded Security Posture

To strengthen MBACSI’s overall network security, Ciracom Cloud optimized MBACSI’s existing network to ensure that it was secure and running smoothly. Ciracom Cloud implemented multi-factor authentication, an email defense solution and an enterprise-grade antivirus solution. Ciracom Cloud also deployed a cloud security solution that blocks all malicious activities through whitelisting, content filtering, and further blocking known bad sites in each of MBACSI’s workstations.

The Impact

The changes made by Ciracom Cloud provided additional security and dramatically improved the internal network at MBACSI. Since migrating to Microsoft cloud business solutions, MBACSI has a more secure and synergetic working environment. Furthermore, MBACSI no longer worries about keeping its software updated with the latest security policies. Through a subscription-based model, the company is able to stay current on malicious attacks and have software to prevent those from happening.

“The results have been outstanding,” said Colturi. “Certainly, we are a much more advanced technology company today. We're able to use collaborative software like Teams and SharePoint, we've upgraded our company intranet portal to have a much more informative, and a data-sharing environment that people have immediate access to materials when they need it.”

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