Dr. Malouf Strengthens Business IT with Ciracom Cloud

About Dr. Alan R. Malouf M.D., P.A.

Dr. Alan R. Malouf M.D., P.A. has been a practicing ophthalmologist since 1989. In addition to general ophthalmology, he specializes in cataract surgeries and is also an Associate Clinical Professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The mission of Dr. Malouf and his expert staff is to provide every patient with the top-tier ophthalmic medical and surgical care they deserve.

The Challenge

Before hiring Ciracom Cloud more than 12 years ago, Dr. Malouf’s office had been using paper charts. As time passed, the office began using electronic medical records and a universal record-sharing process. These developments highlighted new IT challenges. While daily operations improved, staff had trouble accessing data (such as patients’ vital records) remotely and were concerned about providing quality care.

The Solution

Ciracom Cloud supported the practice by:

  • Replacing paper charts with cloud solutions to improve the IT infrastructure and patient care
  • Harnessed the power of Microsoft services, including Azure, Microsoft Teams, and Outlook
  • Secured business networks, data back-ups and patient billing resources, and established other HIPAA-compliant processes


“Ciracom Cloud made it simple. Moving away from less-than-ideal subscriptions and embracing more straightforward solutions that they proposed was incredible. Efficient services, the right budgeting and IT support, and far fewer headaches. Ciracom Cloud showed us we could do that!” - Kelly Rosenberry, COA and Malouf’s Director of Operations

Infrastructure and Patient Care Improvements

Ciracom Cloud equipped Malouf’s office with an IT infrastructure that is easy-to-use and forward-looking. Specifically, Ciracom Cloud deployed Microsoft Teams and Outlook. Staff soon gained the ability to send quick emails and direct, expedient messages internally.

Ciracom Cloud migrated the office to its Azure Active Directory Domain. Azure ensured data would remain in the cloud securely for backup and recovery in case Malouf’s systems were to go down.

Modernized Security Solutions

Ciracom Cloud introduced cybersecurity measures and put into place a reliable, HIPAA-compliant system for patient security. During the pandemic, Ciracom Cloud was instrumental in enabling a variety of remote healthcare examination capabilities, as well as assisting with virtual billing workarounds. “Charts can now be prepped remotely,” Rosenberry said, “And insurance verifications can be run from outside the office when necessary. We can action no-cash, touchless payments, virtual appointment bookings, sign-ins and chart updates, and UI-friendly patient portals. None of this was ideal at first, especially on the clinic side of things, but it wouldn’t have become possible without Ciracom Cloud and their services.”

The Impact

From the first steps of their cloud journey to the present day, Malouf’s office has seen enormous advances in their already-diverse ophthalmologic capabilities. Since migrating to the cloud, Dr. Malouf and his staff can quickly access patient records. Moreover, Ciracom Cloud has helped Malouf’s office navigate the government compliances and regulations that come with the provision of medical services.

Rosenberry continues: “No matter how busy we get, there is no replacement for the exceptional reassurance Ciracom Cloud provides. And finding a company in this day and age that understands our world, our values, and how our work is our family is rare. But Ciracom Cloud gets it, and they are definitely the company for us!”

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