Ciracom Cloud Migrates IDI Group for a More Cost-Effective Domain Environment

About IDI Group Companies

IDI Group Companies is an award-winning realty developer focused on residential constructions—condominiums, mixed-use properties and single-family homes—in the Washington DC metro area, Virginia, and Maryland.

The Challenge

When Ciracom Cloud onboarded IDI Group, the organization’s computer network made it difficult to collaborate, lacked centralized data storage and administration, and was vulnerable to attack. And because computers were decentralized, updates and maintenance were time-consuming and costly.

The Solution

  • Ciracom Cloud moved IDI Group’s computer network from a workgroup to a domain, with centralized administration. We later migrated the company to the cloud for a better collaborative and data-sharing experience.
  • Ciracom Cloud deployed several security solutions to address the evolving threat landscape.


“Ciracom Cloud’s services have helped make every day feel in order. Everything is so organized and ready to use. They help us feel secure in everything we do.” - Diana Rivas: Office Manager

Migrated IDI Group for a better collaborative and data-sharing experience

Initially, Ciracom Cloud transformed IDI Group’s environment from a workgroup to a central domain. A new server was established, and software was strategically deployed to create a centralized space where users could store and share documents far more efficiently. In addition, computer updates became less time-consuming and more streamlined. Later, after Microsoft cloud solutions were introduced, Ciracom Cloud migrated the on-premises central server to the cloud.

Deployed Security Solutions

Ciracom Cloud implemented several cloud security solutions and upgraded IDI Group’s systems from traditional antivirus software to enterprise-grade security for their apps, identity, data, and devices.

The Impact

IDI Group now enjoys the ease of collaboration and sharing files made possible by the cloud with SharePoint and OneDrive. That move has also reduced IT costs and time spent managing computers. Before implementation, activating new policies or changes to 32 computers took some 16 hours. Now, it takes less than an hour. Furthermore, by migrating the IDI Group to the cloud, the company quickly pivoted to a hybrid work environment where staff could work from anywhere with safe access to data and files.

According to Diana Rivas, Office Manager for IDI Group, “Ciracom Cloud is always making sure we are up-to-date and running smoothly. They are always available to assist and never let us down. They are a great team!”

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