The Northern Virginia Eye Center Increases Security and HIPAA Compliance with Ciracom Cloud

About Northern Virginia Eye Center

The Northern Virginia Eye Center is one of the leading practices for eye care and LASIK procedures in the Washington D.C. metro area. With more than 30 years of surgery experience and some 40,000 successful vision correction procedures, The Eye Center has garnered an international reputation in laser vision correction.

The Challenge

Prior to working with Ciracom Cloud, The Eye Center’s evolving business and growing team needed a more secure email platform and integrated solutions to increase productivity across their offices, all while remaining unaffected by troublesome outages and downtimes.

The Solution

The solutions that Ciracom Cloud recommended for The Eye Center included:

  • Email migration
  • Activation of cloud security solutions to protect against cyber attacks
  • Deployments of several enterprise-level solutions for a more secure and productive working environment


“Ciracom Cloud has supported us with everything that we have ever needed to improve our company. They are always there with solutions and even recommendations ready that make our company operate the way it operates now. We’re super productive.” - Michael Rewolinski: Chief Technology Officer

Email Migration

When Ciracom Cloud first began working with The Eye Center more than 20 years ago, the initial project scope included email migration. Ciracom Cloud’s recommendation was to roll out Microsoft Exchange, an enterprise-level email service. In addition, The Eye Center transitioned to Microsoft 365 for increased security and data storage. Overall, Ciracom Cloud enabled users to utilize the cloud and allowed them access to more secure software applications through their individual logins.


The Eye Center adopted a cloud solution that combines multiple security functions into one service, and extends data protection to devices, remote users, and distributed locations anywhere.

Network Improvements

Ciracom Cloud made several improvements to the computer network at The Eye Center. Ciracom Cloud activated a centralized IT management system that simplifies onboarding and enables network administrators to configure workstations remotely, saving time and money. In addition, Ciracom Cloud implemented a system that enables employees to retrieve shared files whenever they need them, even if their Internet connection is temporarily disrupted.

The Impact

Since transitioning to the cloud with enterprise-level security solutions, The Eye Center reports that it is more productive. Staff can access shared Electronical Medical Records and Practice Management Systems from anywhere with an Internet connection. There is less downtime, fewer needless interruptions and more collaboration than in the past.

“The Ciracom Cloud team always has super-fast responses to our tickets and exercises high attention to detail,” said Michael Rewolinski, Chief Technology Officer at The Eye Center. “With cloud technology, its pure ease of functionality. You always have your data backed up and you always have access to it. It’s amazing.”

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