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Ready to Reopen Your Office Successfully? Here’s How Ciracom Cloud Can Help.

Take a deeper dive with Ciracom Cloud into considering what industry-best practices we can help you implement while you reopen. This will assure success with your employees, your customers, and more.
Amy Rutt, November 23, 2021

YouTube can provide a wealth of knowledge for your employees--both new and tenured.

Training your staff to be better at their jobs is not only a business owner’s responsibility, but it’s also expensive and time-consuming. When someone suggests that you use YouTube for your business’ training purposes, the first thought is: “Are you crazy? We don’t have the money for that!” That is a reasonable response if the suggestion was that you start making YouTube videos for your business’ training purposes, sure, but if you use YouTube resources that are already there, you can quickly improve your business with nary a penny spent. Today, we will discuss the options that can make using YouTube a strong resource for your business. 
Amy Rutt, August 10, 2021

Finding the right balance in remote work operations and communication styles is key to a successful remote working environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it no small amount of uncertainty, including amongst business owners who were looking at a very up-in-the-air future. With so many lacking the technology needed to support remote operations—never mind the fact that remote work was a new concept for so many—the learning curve was a considerable hurdle. However, with vaccines being administered and restrictions lifted, it now becomes critical to find a balance.
Amy Rutt, August 10, 2021

Take your phone communications to next level with VoIP.

For many businesses, their telephone system can be extremely expensive, especially considering the need for extra mobility as many people are still working remotely. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, presents a cost-effective solution for any business’ telephone needs. Let’s take a brief look at VoIP and how it can be a game changer for your business’ communications. 
Mleate Asmare, August 06, 2021